Life is full of so many tough lessons some of which we get to discover on time and others we learn later as life unfolds. I was pretty excited to return home for the holiday after spending almost a year away from home. On my return I came to see a lot of big change that had taken place in fact all the kids I left behind have become grownups, the exciting thing about this phase for me was the relationship I was able to build with God and there was a lot of self discovery which blew my mind away… I discovered I was a people’s person and could hold a pretty long conversation with almost anyone which made sharing Jesus with people in school so easy!!


Before university phase I thought I was a grown man in God, until I learnt about the nepios and houis Christians. Nepios are still babes in Christ and Houis have become sons of God, not just sons but legitimate ones, these was one of the many things God started teaching me and it humbled me so well. The fact you pray and speak in tongues and hear God as you claim is not a litmus test for knowing if there has been a transition from been a babe to a son. There are three phases of Christianity;


  • The milk stage (Nepios)
  • The meat stage
  • The tough meat stage
  • The honey stage (Houis)


I honestly would not want to go deep into this but I need you to understand that every child of God is in one of these stages, do you see the contrast between the milk and honey phase?

Only babies drink milk to live and survive and also for the development of their simple system into complex ones that can now digest honey when its taken in. let me explain the physiological aspect to this; babies have an enzyme known as renin, only babies possess this enzyme it breaks down this milk for the baby for easy digestion and for energy production. So, if a child is given honey there is absolutely no enzyme or hormone present to help emulsify or break the honey down and this will definitely result to a serious stomach disruption or cramp which will make the baby stool to death if there is no quick intervention, now a great solution would have been the presence of a hormone called insulin but only the grownups (houis) have insulin. P.s: babies have a small amount of insulin too, a pretty small amount.


God deals with every single one of us in the stages we find ourselves; there are just certain things God can’t place in your hands now because you are in a stage that cant handle it. It Gods pleasure to see us grow from babes to the honey stage where we can churn anything that’s hauled at us, a stage where God will look down and say ‘Yes that’s my son’ like He did with David  and Noah!


The devils trick is to make us get so comfortable where we are and you’ll be so content with where you’ve gotten to in God meanwhile; there is just so much of God that you can’t even begin to imagine. Part of the reason I got up to write this morning was that the Holy Spirit just reminded me; “itofa don’t get to excited because you are being celebrated, there is still a lot of work to be done” I could totally relate with it I literally jumped from my reading table to start writing this piece.


Let me just digress a bit, even though Itofa is the author of this blog I am going to be totally honest with you;  I can’t even begin to count how many times I have picked up my phone or my computer in my down moments to come ton this blog and just see what God is saying to me- every time I read it it’s like God talking back at me and I feel charged to face whatever it is (smiley). That’s my secret.

Back to our piece, people have this misconstrued mindset that the fact you were born again 30 years ago makes your spiritual walk with God deeper than somebody who just gave his life 2 years ago, it doesn’t work that way with God. It starts with a hunger, how hungry are you for God?

Part of the things God told me this morning that intensified my jumping was this; “every single individual is seeking an inner peace and joy and that can only come from me but because they don’t know me they try to get it elsewhere, so they feel it up with clothes, gadgets, cars, and a wild life”…


I have had the awesome privilege of knowing God and having friends who are hungry for God and one thing I can say about these guys is this; all of those things aforementioned are not on their list… C.S Lewis said and I quote “our life on earth is nothing but a small parenthesis in eternity”. Live your life everyday in preparation for eternity (heaven), talking about Jesus these days is not popular but you know what?! That inner peace and happiness can only come from God why don’t you run to Him today!


Let’s pray:

Dear father, I thank you for this amazing reader who has made out time to read the words you’ve blessed me with, lord I ask that you stir up a hunger in their spirit for you Lord that only you can fill in Jesus name, Amen!


God bless you!




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